Sunday 11th July 2021

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National Pony Society S11.136                     Irish Draught Horse Society               Royal London Show
TGCA (20/1207/S)                                         BSPS (69/20)                                     CHAPS (UK) (20067) 
British Show Horse Association                     NCPA (70/20)                                     Shetland Pony Stud Book Society 
Welsh Pony & Cob Society                            Side Saddle Association


The Frank Hewitt Hunter Champion of Champion Cup. The Champion & Reserve Champion from the Ridden Hunter and Ridden Working Hunter are all eligible to compete for this Championship.

The Rotherwood Supreme In-Hand Trophy.  The Champion & Reserve Champion from the M & M In-Hand, Section A & B, Shetland (Overall), Pony Breeding, Miniature Pony and highest placed In-hand Coloured 15hh or under are all eligible for this Championship.

Supreme Ridden Pony Championship.  The Champion & Reserve Champion from the M&M Ridden, Mini M&M, Open Show Hunter Pony, Mini Show Hunter Pony, Local Rider, WHP & Mini WHP are all eligible for this Championship.  .  


Q1. This Show is a qualifier for the NCPA Pony of the Year Show at Warren Farm, Formby, L37 8DJ, in September 2020.   1st and 2nd prizewinners in appropriate classes will qualify.

Q2NPS Kilmannan Stud M&M In-Hand Silver Medal Rosette Championships. These classes are to be judged under the Rules of the NPS. NPS Silver Medal Rosettes are only awarded when the owner of the champion pony is a Qualifying or Life Member of the NPS.  A valid membership card must be in the rider’s/handler’s possession on entering the ring and be produced immediately on request by either the judge or the steward.  If the owner of the Champion pony is not a Member, or the owner’s membership card is not immediately produced, the rosette may be awarded to the Reserve Champion provided they have the required membership card.  If the Champion pony has previously qualified it is still entitled to the Silver Medal Rosette but the qualification card goes to the Reserve Champion pony, provided the owner of that pony is a Member of the NPS.  The Silver Medal Rosette and the qualification card can be awarded no lower than first Reserve (third). Foals are not eligible for the Silver Medal Championships. Qualifiers are entitled to compete in the final of the Silver Medal Rosette Championships to be held at the NPS Summer Championship Show on 31 July - 2 August, 2020.

Q3.  BSPS CLASSIC SERVICES GROUP CHALLENGE.  Open Lead Rein, First Ridden, Show Pony, SHP, WHP, Cradle & Nursery Stakes, Int SRT, SH, WH and Heritage M&M Lead Rein, First Ridden and WHP. This show is a qualifier for the BSPS Challenge. Animals must qualify for the Challenge by attending any BSPS affiliated Show and competing in the appropriate class. Ponies must NOT have qualified for the 2020 HORSE OF THE YEAR SHOW in the appropriate class.  

Q4. BSPS "BLACK COUNTRY SADDLES" BEST RIDER.  The Best Rider in each of the following Open classes at all BSPS Affiliated Shows will be awarded a Best Rider Card and qualify for the final at the BSPS Summer Championships Show:- Lead Rein, First Ridden, Show Pony, Lead Rein of Hunter Type, SHP, Cradle & Nursery Stakes, WHP, Intermediate SRT, SH & WH, Heritage Lead Rein, First Ridden and the best rider 25 years and under in the Heritage Ridden & Heritage WHP Classes.

Q5. BSPS BINKS FAMILY CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS - This show is a qualifier for the BSPS Binks Family Champion of Champions, 1st prize winners in the following classes will qualify. Open lead rein, first ridden, lead rein of hunter type, show pony, SHP, WHP, Intermediate SH, SRT and WH. Heritage open lead rein, first ridden, ridden and WHP.

Q6. BSPS WHITE COMPANY CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS – This show is a qualifier for the BSPS White Company Mini WHP Champion of Champions, 1st prize winners in open cradle and nursery stakes will qualify.

Q7. This Show is affiliated to EQUIFEST, taking place at the East of England Showground on 19 - 23 August 2020. The two highest placed exhibits, not already qualified, in each affiliated class will qualify (this does not include Classes 60 - 62 Catplant Group of Companies Show Hunter of the Year, Class 63 ExcLOOsive Event Hire Small Show Hunter of the Year, Class 64 Ladies Side Saddle Horse of the Year Championship and Class 101 Horse of the Year Show Cuddy Working Hunter).

Q8. This Show is affiliated to the International Showing Society and is a qualifier for The ROYAL LONDON SHOW, 2020. 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed horses/ponies not already qualified in eligible classes will qualify for the Champion of Britain Title classes to be held at the Royal London Show to be held at The College Equestrian Centre, Keysoe, Beds, MK44 2JP on 18 – 20 September, 2020. If a horse/pony has already qualified, cards may be handed down to 6th place at the judge’s discretion. Each qualified horse/pony will receive a qualification card in the ring which will enable the owner to enter the Royal London Show, provided the owner and rider/handler are, or become registered with the International Showing Society within 21 days of the qualifying Show. No horse registration is required. For more information telephone the I.S.S. Secretary on 01425 471680/07971 931971 or

Q9. Class 101 Cuddy Working Hunter of the Year is a qualifying class for Horse of the Year Show, NEC, Birmingham, 7 - 11 October, 2020. Qualification will be verified by the Horse of the Year Show office.

Q10. Classes 60 - 62 Catplant Group of Companies Ltd Show Hunter of the Year (all weights) are qualifying classes for Horse of the Year Show, NEC, Birmingham, 7 - 11 October, 2020. Qualification will be verified by the Horse of the Year Show office

Q11. Class 63 - ExcLOOsive Event Hire Small Show Hunter of the Year is a qualifying class for Horse of the Year Show, NEC, Birmingham, 7 - 11 October, 2020. Qualification will be verified by the Horse of the Year Show office.

Q12. The Ladies Side Saddle Horse of the Year Championship is a qualifying class for the Horse of the Year Show, NEC, Birmingham, 7 - 11 October, 2020. Qualification will be verified by the Horse of the Year Show office.

Q13. This Show is a qualifier for TOYS 2020.  

Q14. This Show is a qualifier for The National Welsh Championship Show at Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs on 9th August, 2020. 



Main Ring
9.30 am    - 11.30 am       Shire / Heavy Horses
3.30 pm    - 4.15 pm         Shire / Heavy Horses & Cattle Parade

Pony Ring 1
9.00 am                     -    Show Hunter Pony
not before 10.30am   -    Local Rider followed by Young Handler
not before   1.30pm   -    Veteran Horse & Pony Ridden followed by In-hand

Pony Ring 2
9.30 am                      -    Welsh Ponies A followed by Welsh Ponies B
not before  11.00 am  -    Pony Breeding
not before   2.00 pm   -    Fancy Dress - Ring may change on the day

Pony Ring 3
8.00 am                      -    Riding Horse
to follow                      -    Ridden Cob 
to follow                      -    Irish Draught Ridden following by In-Hand
not before 1pm           -    Ridden Show Hunters

Pony Ring 4
09.30 am                     -    Retrained Racehorses
not before 10.30am     -    Coloured Horse & Pony
to follow                       -    Traditional Gypsy Cob

Pony Ring 5
08.30 am                      -    Mountain & Moorland In-Hand
not before 10.00am      -    Mountain & Moorland Ridden
not before 2.00 pm       -    Side Saddle 

Pony Ring 6
09.00 am                       -    Shetland Pony
not before 11.30 am      -    Caspian Horse Show

WH Ring
08.00 am                       -     Ridden Working Hunter
not before 11.00 am      -     RoR/TBA Racehorse Challenge 
not before 12 noon        -     Working Hunter Ponies

Course Builder:  Mr D Norlander, Anglesey

Rotherwood Championship  - Times and rings will be decided on the day

Supreme Judge: Mrs B Evans, Notts

Some times and places of judging may be changed when the number of entries is known.  The final timetable and any changes will be posted on the website by 8th July.

The Society’s Rosettes will be awarded to the Champion and Reserve Champion Ponies in all Sections.  Sashes will be awarded to Champions of all sections.



1. Exhibitor - You will need to provide the Ashby de la Zouch & District Agricultural Society with certain personal information relating to you. Your privacy is extremely important to us and so we want you to know exactly how we will use that personal information. Our full privacy notice setting out detailed information about matters such as personal information we use, for what purpose we use it, what our legal basis for doing so is and who we share it with can be viewed on our website  The booking of your class entry to this show will show you agree to this notice.

2. Ownership.

All classes in this schedule are open to exhibitors residing in any part of the United Kingdom. Exhibits in all classes must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor and must be in their ownership at the date of the Show. The exhibitor’s name(s) on the Show entry form must be the same as on the animal registration certificate. In the event of the death of an exhibitor between the date of entry and the date of the Show, the executors of the deceased will be deemed to be the exhibitor.

3. Entries.

ENTRIES FOR ALL CLASSES - £12 (unless otherwise stated). Entries should be on the form supplied and should be signed by the exhibitor or his agent. This entry form, together will all entry fees (and subscriptions, if not already paid) must be received by the Secretary not later than the closing date for entries.  The entry fee for any animal entered but not exhibited will be forfeited (except as provided for under British Showjumping Rules).  Unaccompanied Competitors must provide the Show Organiser a contact telephone number in case of an emergency.  An additional Administration Charge of £25 will be made in the event of unpaid entries.

The official entry closing date is 8th June, 2020 and any entry RECEIVED after this date will be considered late.
LATE ENTRIES:  Late entries may be accepted but a late entry fee of £10 will be added to the entry fee.

4. Nominations of Entries

The name of the exhibit and all relevant details must be stated on the entry form Except in the case of Showjumping and Side-Saddle classes.  NO SUBSTITUTION OF ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THE CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES.

5. Cancellation of Classes

The Society reserves the right to amalgamate or cancel classes or sections in the event of there being insufficient entries. Entry fees for classes cancelled by the Society will be refunded.

6. Admission

Admission to the Show will be by Vehicle Pass, colour coded for the appropriate entrance and fixed to the windscreen in a prominent position.  The number of admission tickets sent to exhibitors will vary depending on the number of animals exhibited.  NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARK IN THE HORSE BOX FIELD.

Tickets for livestock and horse competitors will be allocated as follows:

1-3 animals - 3 tickets

4 animals and over - 5 tickets

Extra persons will be expected to pay for admission and Stewards may inspect vehicles. All exhibitors should be on the Showground at least half an hour before the stated judging time for their respective classes.  EXHIBITORS ARE RECOMMENDED TO ARRIVE EARLIER TO AVOID TRAFFIC CONGESTION AT THE ENTRANCE GATES.  


7. Veterinary.

The Society’s veterinary surgeons are authorised to refuse permission for any animal to be admitted to the Showground suspected of being infected with a contagious or infectious disease or with a disease or injury which, in their opinion renders it unfit or unsafe to be exhibited. Such an animal will not be allowed to compete. The exhibitor will be held entirely responsible by the Society for any circumstances which may result from the appearance of such an animal on the Showground. The Society reserves the right to take blood samples from any animal which the Judge and/or Stewards suspect may have been dosed with illegal substances. A horse ambulance will be in attendance.

8.  Equine Influenza

Horses must have been vaccinated to comply with the requirements of the primary course (1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccination between 21 – 92 days later), followed by the first booster (150 – 215 days) and all subsequent boosters.  Horses may compete having received the primary course and prior to the first booster but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose.  Horses must have been vaccinated within 6 months before the show but not less than 7 days of arriving at the show.
In-foal mares that have already had vaccinations of primary Equine Influenza course should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before the foal is due to be born.  Foals should be vaccinated for Equine Influenza at 6 months to commence their primary course.


It is strongly recommended that all horses and ponies should be vaccinated against Equine Influenza. The Society’s Veterinary Surgeons will inspect the horse lines. Stewards, at the direction of the Society’s Veterinary Surgeons, are empowered to require any horse or pony showing clinical signs of equine influenza to be immediately removed from the Showground. In the event of a serious outbreak the Society reserves the right to require vaccination certificates to be produced

9.  Identification.

Exhibits shall be identified in the Judging Rings solely by the numbers issued by the Secretary, corresponding to the catalogue entry for the exhibit. 

10. Judging.

The Society reserves the right to appoint a substitute should any judge be prevented from attending the Show and all entries are accepted on this understanding. Times of judging, as stated in this Schedule, will be adhered to as strictly as possible but are subject to alteration. Exhibitors must be ready to enter the ring at once when called upon by the Stewards. A public address system will be used to advise horse and pony competitors to be ready but it is SOLELY THE COMPETITORS RESPONSIBILITY to be in the ring in time for their class.

The Judges and Stewards have discretion to withhold or vary the first and any other prizes should the quality of the entry or entries not merit such a prize.

11. Horse Height.

Where the height of the horse or pony is specified in any class, the Judge or Steward may require such animals entered in the class to be measured, unless the animal has an official measurement certificate, issued by the Joint Measurement Scheme. Half an inch will be allowed for normal shoes.

12. Age.

The date of birth should be stated on the entry form for foals. The year of birth only need be stated for horses and ponies. All winners of children’s classes will be expected to produce birth certificates, if necessary. Riders aged 18 years and under on the day of the Show, must state their date of birth on the entry form.

13. Safety.

All animals must be secured by halter or other means, except as required at the time of judging. Unruly and fractious animals may be refused admission to the judging rings by the Stewards. Exercising of horses and ponies will only be allowed in the designated exercise areas. Anyone riding a horse or pony anywhere on the Showground must wear a hat, of a standard approved by the governing body under whose rules they are exhibiting and properly fastened. The attention of all exhibitors is drawn to the Society’s Policy, a copy of which may be seen at the Secretary’s marquee.

14. Conduct.

The Council may at any time, before or during the Show, reject any entry, whether the same has been accepted or not, without giving, reasons and their decision shall be final. The Council also has the power to eject from the Showground any commercial photographers, or persons whose behaviour they consider to be objectionable. All dogs on the Showground must be kept on leads at all times.

15. Dress.

Exhibitors of horses and ponies, grooms and attendants must wear correct dress, as approved by the governing body under whose rules they are exhibiting.

16. Objections.

Any exhibitor wishing to lodge an objection must do so in writing and must deliver it to the Secretary within an hour of the Judge’s decision being given. Such objections must be accompanied by a deposit of £10 and will be considered by the Council and their decision shall be final. The deposit will be returned if the objection is sustained. Any complaints should be passed to the Chief Horse Steward to deal with.

17. Prize Money. 

Following the judge’s decision in each class and special award, winning exhibitors will be handed vouchers for their prize money. Prize money will be paid in cash at the Treasurer’s caravan, on the main Show Field, on presentation of prize money vouchers, except where an objection has been lodged but not yet resolved. Please note that all prize money not collected on the day will be forfeited. 

Payable to the following placings dependent on CATALOGUED entries -

Catalogued Entries

Pay To

Pay To

Pay To

Pay To

1 - 3





4 - 6





Over 6 entries





18. Trophies.

All trophies will be available for collection at the Horse Field marquee after each section has finished. They will be held by the winner for one year but will remain the property of the Society and must be returned as directed by the Secretary.

19. Missed Class.


20. Responsibility.

The Society, its Officers and Staff, disclaim any responsibility and all liability in respect of any accident, damage, injury, disease or loss, howsoever caused, that may occur to any exhibitor or his servant, or the general public, or to any animal, article, vehicle or property brought on to the Showground, or while entering or leaving the Showground. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to, or occasioned by or arising from any animal, article, vehicle or property, exhibited or brought on to the Showground by him. He shall indemnify and hold harmless the Society from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of, or in respect of any such damage or injury which may be caused or occasioned.

21. Other Regulations.

Any person, competing or exhibiting an animal in a class covered by a breed society, shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of that breed society and be subject to its constitution and rules (including any disciplinary procedures) insofar as they are applicable to the Show. This Schedule is issued subject to the orders (if any) of DEFRA and local authorities, which may be applicable at the date of the Show. 

22. Interpretation.

Anything not provided for in the foregoing shall be decided by the Society’s Council, whose decision shall be final and binding. On the day of the Show, the Chairman shall have all the powers of the Council under these regulations.

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